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Xi'an Chinastar M&C Limited won the title of "Intellectual Property Standard Unit”

Recently, Xi'an Chinastar M&C Limited successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of Shaanxi Provincial Enterprise IPR Implementation Leading Group, and was awarded the title of “Intellectual Property Standard Unit”, which indicates that the scientific management and strategic application ability of Xi'an Chinastar M&C Limited to intellectual property  is advanced  to domestic advanced technologies level.

Currently, Xi'an Chinastar M&C Limited is a member of Sensors Division of China Electronic Components Society and a member of Shaanxi IOTS Alliance, Shaanxi Intellectual Property Advance Company, holds a number of Shaanxi, Xi 'an Famous Brands.

The company has been certified with the ISO9001, GJB9001 quality system; the products have been certified with CMC, DNV, UL, CE, RoHS, REACH and explosion proof.

The products independently researched and developed by Xi'an Chinastar M&C Limited have been applied for 92 national patents, 86 to obtain patents (6 invention patents, 1 US invention patent, and EU invention patent examination), and the remaining 6 have been officially accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office.



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