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Xi'an Chinastar M&C LTD was established in 1996 with 55 million RMB registration investment. The company specializes in sensor and IOTS research, production and sales. The main products includes pressure sensor and transmitter, inertial sensor, environmental sensors, and solution and consultation services on sensors.

Innovation is the basic element of the company. The self developed products has received 67 national patents, in which 6 patents are invention ones.

The company has been certified with ISO9001 quality system, CMC, TUV CE, Intrinsically safe certificate, Rohs certificate, and CDNV7 ATEX, and mining security certificate.

Chinastar products win favorable comments from customers due to advanced technology, excellent quality, fast delivery, and in time services. The products are used in industrial and military fields and exported to 52 countries including USA, Germany, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, India,etc. Export value is 30% of the sales volume in recent years.

Chinastar has the following titles  

A member of Sensor Division of China Electronic Components Society

A member of Shaanxi IOTS Alliance.

Shaanxi Hi-Tech Company

Shaanxi Intellectual Property Advanced Company

Shaanxi, Xi'an Famous Brand

Chinastar will hold the successful concept,technology being the base, market being the direction, customer satisfaction being the target, to explore the global market. In 2013, the production capacity will reach 1 million units of various sensors. We will work toward to meet the customers' requirement and be an innovative and influential company in the sensor industry. 


Working Hours

Monday to Friday

8:30 - 17:30

Online Service


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